V. Bela, Perenyi Season Opening International Open Chess Tournament

The organizer of the tournament: The Hungarian Chess Federation

The aim of the tournament: to commemorate of Bela, Perenyi IM - who died tragical

Location, time of tournament: tournament halls of The Hungarian Chess Federation /Budapest, Falk Miksa Str. 10/

9-round Swiss-system international open chess tournament, according to the FIDE rules 01.07.2009

Time limit: 2 x 90 min. + 30 sec after each move.
Rounds start daily at 4.30pm. - except the last round (January the 14th) 09.00am!

Registration: 06.01.2012 10am-3.30pm

Opening ceremony: 06.01.2012 at 4pm

Awards ceremony: 14.01.2012 from 2.30pm

Chief arbiter: Lajos, Gyorkos IA

Arbiter: will be known on the spot

Main organizer: Lajos, Gyorkos IA (cell phone: 06/20-275-27-17)

Registration at the tournament hall - Hungarian Chess Federation Bp. Falk Miksa Str. Nr.10 /written or via e-mail/
and the main organizer /phone: +36-1-331-27-90 (answerphone)
or cell phone: 06/20-275-27-17 and


Fax: 36/1/331-97-38
E-mail: firstsat@hu.inter.net

msszversenyirodal@gmail.com (versenyiroda@chess.hu),

Participants of the tournament: national chessplayers with valid tournament permission
for the Year 2012, and international players with valid /FRD/ registration and foreign players
who pay the FRD – 1500 HUF on the spot /maximum 80 players

Registration can happen via written mail, e-mail or landline or cellphone numbers given above until 23.12.2011. Limited number of registration will be accepted on the spot if free places occour.
Late registrations need 1250 HUF and 2500 HUF (on the spot) extra charges.

Registration fees: until 23.12.2011

Players without FIDE rating: 8.500 HUF

Players with FIDE rating

under 1800 7.500 HUF
1800 – 2000 6.500 HUF
2001 – 2100 5.500 HUF
2101 – 2200 5.000 HUF
2201 – 2300 4.000 HUF
2301 – 2350 3.500 HUF
2351 – 2449 3.000 HUF

Personally invited grandmasters, international master /4 players/ and participants with FIDE rating above 2400 are free of charge.

Registraion fees are paid on the spot in cash. A receipt is given to each person.

Prizes: the charge base is 200.000 HUF VAT. Included

1 EURO = 310 HUF /30th Nov 2011 rate for approx information

Players 1st-10th are awarded!

60.000 HUF, 30.000 HUF, 20.000 HUF, 15.000 HUF, 8.000 HUF, 7.000 HUF, 4x 5.000 HUF


Extra prizes: /only if 5 players participate in each category/

The best player with no FIDE rating 5.000 HUF

The best between 1400 – 1600 FIDE rating 5.000 HUF

The best between 1600 – 2000 FIDE rating 5.000 HUF

The best between 2000 – 2100 FIDE rating 5.000 Ft

The best between 2100 – 2200 FIDE rating 5.000 Ft

The best woman participant 5.000 HUF

The best senior player (over 60) 5.000 HUF

The best student player -under18- 5.000 HUF

The best junior player -under14- is awarded with a Chess Book

Each player is given only one prize!

Awards can only be recieved on the closing ceremony!

Extra prizes are calculated to each participant as the following indicators show below:

in case of dead-heat:

Buchholz calculations
Progressive calculations
personal performance indicator (TPR)
Berger-Sonneborn ratings


drawing of lots – information: Lajos, Gyorkos contacts are given above!

Budapest. 30.10.2011

The Hungarian Chess Federation wishes successful and fair play for the tournament.