„F I R S T  S A T U R D AY 

B u d a p e s t  , H U N G A R Y 

monthly chess tournament series for 

IGM-, IM- titles, and ELO-rating 

Organizer:                   IO Nagy László

 Office phone (36-1)-263-2859         E-mail: firstsat@hu.inter.net 

mobile:(36)-30-230-1914       www.firstsaturday.hu

Programme for the year 2013







Average ELO

above 2381

above 2231



below 1700

No. of rounds

Minimum 9   –  maximum  11   g  a  m  e  s

Starting dates

2013 year: 2nd Febr, 2nd March, 6th April, 4th May, 1st June,

6th July, 3rd August, 7th Sept, 5th Oct, 2nd Nov, 7th Dec.

Time control

(90-90 min for 40 moves, then 30-30 min/all) + 30 sec. after each move

Zero tolerance waiting rule is not applied. Maximum delay of a player is 30 minutes.

Start of the rounds

First day at 14:00, the other days at 16:00


Written certificates about participation in the tournament


HOTEL MEDOSZ 3***, Budapest, district No 6,  Jokai square 9, 
close to the yellow underground station OKTOGON,

 easily accessibly by trams Nr.4 and Nr.6


below 2250/500

above 2501/250

below 2150/500

above 2401/150


nonrated      200 
1801- 1900/180

1901- 2000/160 
2001- 2100/140 
2101- 2200/120 
 2201- 2250/100 


nonrated     200

1500-1700/ 180
 1701-1800/ 160 
 1801-1850/ 140

1851-1900/ 120 
 1901-2000/ 100 

nonrated 200

1200-1400 / 180
1401-1500 / 160
1501-1600 / 140
1601-1700 / 120
above 1701 / 100

License to play 
in HUN

The HUN CHESS FEDERATION  takes  6 EURO/year fee 
for playing license from every player, who plays in Hungary
1 EURO about = 280 Ft    Jan 2013 rate/, 
15 EURO fee for tournament FIDE registration contribution


In cash, before the first round, preferable in HUF, 
according to the buying rate of  Western Union  organization. 
Phone No. of them: 00-(361)-311-1610




A 3 member AppealsCommittee (three different countries) is chosen before start of each tournament. An appeal can be submitted to the Chairman in written form within an hour after the game was over. Fee of appeal is 20 EUR/6000 HUF which is given back in case of a successful appeal.


A player may be late from the start of a game maximum thirty (30) minutes. Games with a postponed start more than half an hour may happen only with mutual consent of the players if the Chief arbiter accepts and registers it in written form at least one day before.


There are many famous chess-players, who reached grandmaster norms at FIRST SATURDAY tournaments in Budapest from the start 1992 until 2010:LÉKÓ Péter /HUN/, DAO Thien Hai /VIE/,  LISS Eran /ISR/,  BEIM Valery /ISR/, MEDVEGY Zoltán /HUN/,   ÁCS Péter /HUN/,   MIKHALEVSKI Viktor /ISR/, MIKHALEVSKI Alexander /ISR/,   SADLER Matthew /ENG/,   BERKES Ferenc /HUN/, JAKAB Attila /HUN/,   RADJABOV Teimour /AZE/,   GUSEINOV Gadir /AZE/, McDONALD Neil /ENG/,  STOCEK Jiri /CZE/,   MILOV Vadim /SWZ /, YEMELIN Aleksei /RUS/,  VARAVIN Viktor /RUS/, NISIPEANU Liviu-Dieter /ROM/,  GODENA Michele /ITA/, KEITLINGHAUS Ludger /GER/, LUGOVOI Aleksei /RUS/, NGUYEN Ngoc Truongson /VIE/, BUI Vinh /VIE/, BÉRCZES Dávid /HUN/, BOROS Dénes /HUN/, PROHÁSZKA Péter /HUN/, RAPPORT Richárd /HUN/, BALOG Imre /HUN/, PAP Gyula (HUN), MIHÓK, Olivér HUN), ANTAL, Gergely (HUN),  BÁNUSZ, Tamás /HUN/, IM RAJLICH,Iweta (POL),  IM FRANCO ALONSO, Alejandro (ESP)


List of accommodation possibilities in Budapest for chessplayers for 2012-2013



1. MEDOSZ hotel 3***. district No.6, Jokai square 9,

buffet breakfast, single room 39, double room 46 EURO,

close to the yellow underground station OKTOGON. Easily accessible by trams Nr.4 and Nr.6


2. GRANDSLAMPARK hotel 3***, district No.11. Kapolcs Str.2/A,

Tram No. 41. station name BALATONI ut.

With continental breakfast, single room 25, double room 35, triple room 50 EUR, about 30-40 min to travel to the tournament hall.


3. Private rooms in flats of HUN chess loving people,
15-20 EUR per bed per night, without breakfast,


studios with kitchen and breakfast,
single 35, double 40 EUR.

30 min to travel to the tournament hall,

district No.13, Orszagbiro Str.44-46.


5. CASA SOL hotel, 4****,
single room 39, double room 46 EUR, district No.8,

Baross Str.108, 15-20 min easy travel to the tournament hall by trams Nr.4 or Nr.6


high standard separated flats, with kitchen,
Akacfa Str.24-26. close to the red metro station BLAHA, Lujza square,   10-15 min to travel to the tournament hall,
from 1st November  until 1st April
single 29 EUR, double 32 EUR,
from 1st of April until 1st of November
single 44 EUR, double 47 EUR per night,

no breakfast (in this case payment done in € cash to the owner).


7. BUDAI SPORT hotel 3***, Janoshegyi Str.,
single room 25 EUR, double room 35 EUR with buffet breakfast,
8-10 minutes walk from the 90 A bus NORMAFA station,
altogether 30-40 min to travel to the tournament hall.

The hotel is located in a very green area of the Buda-mountain called Janos-mountains. Beautiful view from the mountain to the city, very clean air.