We have been organising our Fist Saturday monthly events for more than 27 years since 1992. We have usually 60-80 chessplayers from about 10-15 countries. They are in Budapest usually for 9…13 days or sometimes more, wishing to play more tournaments.


We organize yearly 11 grandmaster and international master all-play all closed tournaments. In this point of view we are World Champion in the chess organization.

Our tournaments can give the following advertisement text carriers:

  1. Putting table with information onto the wall of the tournament hall.
  2. Yearly we use 40,000 scoresheets.
  3. Yearly we use 2000 pens to write the games.
  4. Yearly we use 1000 A/6 size notice books.
  5. Yearly we use 500-1000 T-Shirts with advertisement.
  6. Monthly we have 1 Million persons chess related publicity in the Earth.
  7. Our info is present in most of the chess related website in the Earth.
  8. Our website has 8-10,000 hits per month from all over the World

If you are interested in sponsoring our tournaments, please contact , the organizer Mr. Nagy, László

For more information about the future
“FIRST SATURDAY” Budapest Chess Tournaments